I love this picture. Lisa Kereszi, an old friend of mine from Bard, took it at some club we were hanging out in while living in NYC in the late 90’s. She is now a respected photographer and teaches at Yale. I started scanning old photos recently and found this one which has always stayed in my mind. I love the energy and movement and it has a great music vibe. Which brings me to my point. Bonnaroo Music Festival is this weekend in Manchester, Tennessee. I am missing it this year but next year, it’s on the calendar. Nashville has been on my list of cities to see for a long time, I love it’s musical history and the scene that’s there now (from what I hear…) and I imagine Manchester is just a short drive away. This years line up includes Eminem, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons, The Strokes, The Decemberists, Florence + the Machine, Gogol Bordello, Scissor Sisters, Robyn, Deerhunter, Sleigh Bells, Best Coast, and that’s not even half the list.

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