Aurora Tower’s House in St.John & Elle Magazine

A year ago I flew to my friend Aurora Tower‘s gorgeous house in St.John to do a shoot for Elle magazine which is now running in the July issue. Aurora designed and built the house herself using sustainable materials and eco conscience design; everything inside and out is solar powered and runs on sun and rain water. The first time we went there was to celebrate and inaugurate the space when it was finally finished, in May 2009. Both trips were phenomenal and made me fall in love with the island of St.John which admittedly is not hard to do. Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot, some of which ran in the magazine (go buy an issue!)

Aurora’s friend Helene flew in for the trip, and that’s Irina Aleksander, the Elle writer who spent the weekend with us, to the left of me and Aurora. Our friend Tom Greenwood who came out in 2009 with us is the one who took this group photo and the lone boy in all the other shots. He also took the images below on that first trip in 2009, which I love. Aurora is an incredible hostess and St.John is an amazing place so it’s always hard to leave. Both trips were really special.

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  1. Sara says:

    I just saw the article in the magazine – your photographs are gorgeous….as always

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