An Easy A

I LOVE a great teen comedy flick. When I was in high school I was of course obsessed with Amy Heckerling’s “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and John Hughes’ myriad of brilliant takes on white middle class American teens, which was followed by a heady fixation on “Heathers”, “Jawbreaker” and “Clueless” (another generational triumph for the brilliant Heckerling). “Easy A” looks like it may join “Juno” in the recent ‘best of’ category. Can’t wait to see it. Directed by Will Gluck and starring Emma Stone, the film will have its World Premiere at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival in September and will be released nationwide on Friday September 17th. Speaking of Amy Heckerling, word is “Vamps” began shooting this week in Detroit, Michigan. A warm welcome back to Alicia Silverstone and hurrah for the awesome Krysten Ritter.

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