Armani Prive 2010 and Alexander McQueen Resort 2011… Stunning

I love this new Armani Prive collection for its sexy, sleek lines and cuts. Its beautiful in a way that is unexpected. I have really been feeling the classic Belle Du Jour look lately (as if it ever gets old…) and really turned on by modernity in a “conservative” look. I haven’t always been one for the “classic” looks but there is something that draws me to the subtle lines and constructs in these looks. They are incredibly sexy without trying too hard. Gorgeous. I am obsessed.

The same goes for the looks below from Alexander McQueen. While McQueen was always known as “The Bad Boy” of fashion, it is ironic that his looks are always exceptionally tailored, styled and absolutely breathtaking in a new and unique way each season. While the man himself is sadly gone, his voice and spirit live on in the most recent Resort 2011 collection below.

Resort was shown a mere few weeks prior now quickly followed by Couture, then Pre-Fall, then Fall itself… Enough to give seasoned pros a headache much less the casual fashion obsessed observer, so try and forego the season labels and just enjoy the impeccable clothes…

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