Audi A8

I am a car ADDICT and have been for years. In the past I’ve gravitated towards vintage gems like Alfa Romeos and Fiats which I have often used in my shoots and granted I’m still drawn to them but once I got a taste of current luxury cars there was no turning back. Last winter I was lucky enough to drive the Aston Martin DBS for a week followed by a long weekend with a gorgeous DB9. This week I’ve got the Audi A8. There is really no point in waiting the entire week to jump up and down and declare how obsessed I am with this car. I drove it all weekend though admittedly driving around LA and or even Malibu is like slow water torture because you really can’t drive it the way it’s supposed to be driven. Where the hell do you drive a gorgeous car like this in LA when all the punk rock has been sucked out of you with this city’s insane traffic laws and violations for sneezing wrong let alone driving even five miles over the speed limit?!? I didn’t have time to drive out to Palm Springs though may still play hooky sometime this week to do just that. And let me state the obvious that it’s virtually impossible to drive the speed limit in this car because pressing on that gas pedal is like sliding into silk sheets or melted butter. It’s slick and sweet. The car may look big from the outside but once you get behind the wheel it feels tiny and sporty and while the Audi A8 seems like the proper preppy sister to Martin’s player bad boy it’s actually quite sexy itself. It also has all kinds of new techie features but I will let you discover those on your own test drive. All that matters is that I don’t want to give it back. A warning, I did just get my passport renewed… The car goes on the market in the US in November.

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