B & T … To Go Out or to Hulu…

When Palihouse in West Hollywood first opened two years ago it was quiet, subdued, and frankly, fantastic. I got invited there last night for a friends birthday party and was mildly shocked to find that parts of the jersey shore had relocated West (and quite possibly joined a Red Hook band). While the food at in house restaurant The Hall has always been amazing regardless of their revolving chef’s door (if truth be told I am still a fan of Stephainie “thanks for bringing deviled eggs back into palette rotation” O’Mary), tonight’s rooftop crowd just didn’t suffice, not to mention the roof itself needs to be properly done before inviting guests up. So we went to our safe place: The Chateau. Soho House may still be the intriguing new kid in town with all those anxious Valentine’s Day cards waiting to fill their slim chic lockers and Palihouse may feel right for the moment for some, but The Chateau will always hold my heart… And if you’re wondering whatever happened to that amazing chef Stephanie, she started a rad sandwich shop called Gram & Papa’s downtown after leaving Pailhouse in 2008.

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