C B 2

I love the new CB2 catalog that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. The hive storage shelves (above, left) can be stacked and are really great decoratively and practically especially for $79 each. They were also the winner of the Coup de Coeur award at the 2009 Maison & Objet show in Paris according to the catalog. I kind of want to run out and buy five of them immediately if not sooner. I have always had an affinity for using milk crates as bookshelves even way past my college years so the wire shelving unit (above, right) is appealing for a lot of reasons. While I am no longer drawn to milk crates in the same way and would probably prefer a new (but slightly shabby and beat up) wooden shelf unit, visually it does take me back to my stacked milk crates in my Lower East Side walk up while realistically reminding me that it’s okay to grow up a little. I’d also like the Shadow Box Tower and the Elevate Walnut Bookshelf (below) for my living room if anyone is listening. And the Spotlight White Bookcase for the beach house. OK, now I’m just getting greedy and carried away. I don’t need the bookcase, just the beach house…

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