I loved the documentary Catfish and judging from the recent trailer I have seen in theaters, am starting to get curious to see if they’ve changed it and given it some sort of mad re-edit. The film itself is sweet, charming, funny and touching with a somewhat heartbreaking and very surprising ending. However, it is NOT by any means anything like the Blair Witch Project type showdown they seem to be selling in the trailer. That said, pending any drastic changes to the original I saw a few months ago this is a really great film and worth seeing. It opens September 17th, the filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost are pictured above.

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  1. Kavad Hummels says:

    I really like your website… there are some great photos and some interesting stuff to look at! I really like the description of Catfish, thanks! Word is that it is generating a lot more buzz at TIFF than the films they are showing!

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