Courtney Love at Don Hills

It is virtually impossible to see every fashion week show and presentation, attend every party and event, blog, eat, drink, sleep, shower and live to tell about it. Especially when the Internet refuses to work in my apartment. So I haven’t been able to blog as frequently as I would have liked but admittedly have also been having some incredibly long, very late and fun nights. Last night we ended up at a Don Hills for Courtney Love’s performance. The club was recently bought up by Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny and given the slightest touch up. Aside from the bathrooms being redone and made more pleasant for us old punk rockers who want to revel in the crusty old days but not necessarily relive them, the venue seems relatively intact and reminded me of being fifteen again in the clubs of Baltimore and DC, listening to Positive Force, Government Issue and Bad Brains. Having Ms. Love play was genius and could not have made for a better re-introduction to the place.

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