Day One at Sundance 2011

Saw some great films today, my favorite so far is Jim Kohlberg’s directorial debut “The Music Never Stopped”. I am completely blown away. Truth be told I cried through most of it. Moving and so well done on every level. Phenomenal performances from everyone but especially J.K.Simmons who played the dad. Also really loved “Submarine” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (although the title is hell and they need to rethink it… I couldn’t remember it once to save my life) Elizabeth Olsen is smokin’ hot and a really great actress to boot. The film freaked me out, scary and disturbing but again, really well done. “Submarine” is a fantastic indie film out of the UK about a high school kid who over thinks and over dramatizes everything, it’s funny, quirky, with great subtext and feels a little like a cross between “Little Miss Sunshine” and ‘Juno”. Wasn’t really into the Greg Araki film but it was a great excuse to look at some hot young actors. I didn’t make it in to see “Margin Call” because it filled up super fast so I’m trying to see it later this weekend. I also started blogging for, the new online magazine from the amazing ex-Editor in Chief of InStyle Charla Lawhon. I am officially their new West Coast Contributing Editor and have written a few pieces already over the past couple of weeks since the launch. I am excited to be a part of Charla’s new project, she is AMAZING and I am in awe of her talent and energy. Love it. I’ll still keep doing my styling and photography as usual but am super excited to be working with an amazing editor.

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