Directives West Fall 2011 First LA Show

Last night was the FIRST.LA contemporary fashion show organized by Directives West and packed with fun brands, including Twinkle By Wenlan, Whitney Eve, great knits from Yu Yu, lots of cool separates from James Icon and beautiful faux fur pieces from Imposter. I was asked to pick a young designer’s line to showcase and style and Tess Vigil, who actually found me, was the budding talent I chose. She is barely out of the gate, with only one season of her line 50 Dresses under her belt. I love what she is doing and see a lot of potential in her skills, along with her enthusiasm, drive and openness to learn while she tries to expand her line all on her own. Laurie Brucker and Erin Weinger of StyleSectionLA were also guest stylists at the show and I loved the lines they chose. Laurie was responsible for one of my favorite Cali-based contemporary lines, Dolan and Erin chose edgy LA-based new comers Kolae. It was a great crowd and I was happy my friends come out to support. Below, me with the other ladies who were a part of the evening…

Me, (in a Sara Shepherd jacket, Geren Ford dress and vintage hat), Laurie Brucker and Erin Weinger.

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