Erin Featherston, Suno, Elise Overland

Erin Featherston launches her new line Erin, above

Ok, full disclosure, I went to Elise Overland but left after 15 minutes just as the girls were starting to get on the ice. It looked like fun but I couldn’t handle the cold or being shoved against the speaker so went over to Milk Studios, which by the way, can we please just admit is not a good venue? It’s been three seasons now and the crowds and lines have not gotten any better and will only get worse. Yes, the space upstairs is lovely but otherwise, it doesn’t work. Anyway, the presentations upstairs were all beautiful. Erin Featherston launched her new line Erin which was full of great flowey dresses and tons of stuff to wear and obsess over. She has a way of doing party dresses like no one else.

Suno showed beautiful prints and plaids layered perfectly. I loved it. Billy Reid was in the Penthouse, I got obsessed with his tweeds and blazers for both men and women (photos later, my phone was dead by then). Really well done. The presentation was great as well, with the guys and girls quietly navigating the small parlor-like space they were given. Elise Overland above and Suno below.

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