Frey Wille In Vancouver and NYC

Frey Wille was originally started in Vienna, Austria in 1951 by Michaela Frey and has for years chosen a select group of fine artists to feature on their collections of enamel jewelry. People often ask if my bangles are Hermes which is a fair assumption as for many years the company was the quiet design team behind their iconic enamel bracelets. I love the design above which is inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt and the muted color scheme is new for Fall. I’m a big fan of the quiet color palettes that surface every few seasons, the pastels as well as muted tones. My now discontinued and hard to find olive green and brown version of the bangles have been glued to my wrist for months and I refuse to take them off.

Their one and only US flagship store in Santa Monica will soon be joined by a new store in Vancouver set to open September 9th and another US location is set for Madison Avenue in New York City in early November. The NIXE Collection, DIVA, MISS and ULTRA Bangles, Above

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