Gossip Girl

I indulged my guilty Gossip Girl pleasure last night and was happy to find not much has changed in regard to the smile it puts on my face. This season seems even more intent on exploring the joys of shopping, travel and sex. Three of my all time favorite activities. And the fairy tale of a prince charming always looming. I’m so into Michelle Trachtenbergs surprisingly excellent Russian too. Can’t wait to see how that plot line unravels. And am already feeling sorry for the poor blonde girl accompanying Chuck from Paris only to have her sweet innocent heart broken midway through the season I’m guessing. It is too good to be true, listen to your instinct! And of course there is Jessica Szohr, who is clearly one of my favorite girls from the show. Sweet, smart, talented and beautiful.

Jessica Szohr photographed in New York City, September 2009.

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