I am still dreaming of a LEICA

If someone gave me the choice to have whatever camera I want, I would take both of these Leicas. At the moment I don’t have either and if I could I would marry the two, the M9 for how gorgeous it looks and the S2 for what it does (37.5 Megapixel!!! 30x45mm Image Sensor, etc). I played with the S2 for a few hours during New York Fashion week back in September. Leica had a stand set up to allow whoever wanted to borrow the camera for the day. And I did. It was amazing. I have never shot on a camera like it. Not even the Hasselblad 1 or 2 which is what I’ve shot all of my advertising campaigns on the past few years. But nothing compares. Sigh… I had to give it back but I still wake up and think of it every day.

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