Imitation Spring Summer 2011

There are times during a fashion show you realize you are watching not only a designer at work but also an artist. That is the case with Tara Subkoff’s Imitation line. I can only imagine that Ms. Subkoff’s personal health battles have played a heavy influence and like any artist she has utilized her creative outlets to deal with the healing process. Last nights show was a well thought out and put together presentation of beautiful clothes, ideas, nostalgia and what I am obsessed with, desire. There was desire in the simplicity of the clothes, the music, even the subdued quiet lighting which made you want to look harder and see more. The theme of the evening seemed to be memory and a longing for a time that has passed but always remains as a comfort zone. Whether it is a childhood longing for the county fair or a teen angst moment for Joy Division, the simple collection of sweet dresses and sexy separates brought me back to a place I hadn’t been in a long time but wanted to stay in for a while longer. Beautiful, seamless and perfect were the thoughts running through my head during and after the show.

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