Ingrid at Ona Spa

The quest for perfect skin is an ongoing adventure. It took three years in LA and many facials at various places but I finally had a facial to rival the best. Marcia Kilgore was the first person to introduce me to the miraculous facials that transformed my skin years ago so the facialists I’ve gone to since have had very big shoes to fill and very few have come even close to Marcia’s magic touch. When I first visited Bliss Spa back in 1996 it was still called Let’s face It (Marcia always had a sense of humor). She was listed as the Best Facial in the New York Press ‘Best of Issue’ which is how I found her. She changed my skin and life forever and was officially the first person to put me on the road to becoming a beauty product junkie. In other words she spoiled and ruined me. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to give me facials for years and was heartbroken when she moved to London for good. She would on occasion come back to NY and let her old clients come in for a treatment with her but once she moved it was never the same. But Ingrid at Ona Spa impressed me last week. They asked me to come in and try the new Babor Platinum Facial which uses the German products of the same name and promises to combat wrinkles, rehydrate and make the skin look firmer immediately without involving any needles. The facial includes a comprehensive cleaning, revitalizing mask, enzyme peel, facial massage, lifting masks for the face and eye, collagen boosting fluid, and finishes with the application of ultra-rich eye and face creams as well as a sprinkle of micronized pure platinum powder. Not sure what that last one is but it all sounded great. After examining my skin and pores Ingrid did what she felt was best for my skin and gave me a variation of the above with the Ona Glycolic Facial instead. She used a mix of Ona namesake products as well as a few other brands, all of which were amazing. One of my favorite parts was after the glycolic acid peel, which burns a little, Ingrid applied a fizzy concoction which burns even more for a split second but feels great immediately after. The fizzy thing is her signature which I couldn’t get her to reveal but if you ask for it by name (“the fizzy thing”) she’ll know what you’re talking about.

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