Japan Society Fundraiser, LA

Some of LA’s fashion and entertainment publicists, editors, stylists and friends are gathering at the Beverly Hilton to raise money for Japan Society‘s Earthquake Relief Fund this Thursday, March 31st from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Tickets are $100 for everyone and all proceeds from the door and 20% of the bar go to support Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Bring cash or your checkbook and make checks payable to Japan Society. Music by Chris Huvane, Cielo Alano, Jonny Abrahams, Mathieu Schreyer and Marianne Matsuura at Bar 210, 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills

RSVP – Blake@TheAList.us
Hosted Valet at Bar 210

Host Committee
Adam and Jackie Winnick, Adam Bernhard, Aimee Carpenter, Alexis Alagem, Ali Froley, Alissa Vradenburg, Allison Azoff Statter, Amie Yavor, Andrew and Deborah Marcus, Anita Ko, Anthony and Rebekah Jacobsen, Ben Baller, Brad Goreski, Brooke Davenport, Byron Williams, Cade Hudson, Cami Curtis, Carlos Lopez, Charlene Roxborough, Chris de Wolfe, Chris Huvane, Chris Kantrowitz, Christian Donatelli, Courtney Carp, Courtney Kivowitz, Dan Fishman and Ashlee Margolis Fishman, Darin Friedman, Darren and Candice Romanelli, David Katzenberg, Desiree Kohan, Estee Stanley and Bryan Furst, Gary Mantoosh, Greg Chait, Greg Clark, Hillary Lindahl, Ivy Mollenkamp, Jamie Kantrowitz, Jeff Golenberg, Jesse Ehrman and Katie Fine Ehrman, John and Linnea Stalberg, Judee Ann Williams, Karla Welch, Kate O’Connor, Kelly Mathis, Kevin Volchok, Laura Freedman, Laura Katzenberg, Lauren Moshi, Lewis Kay, Lia Davis, Lisa Kline, Liz Mahoney, Marcel Pariseau, Mark Sudack, Mathieu Schreyer, Megan Moss Pachon, Mimi Ditrani, Moj Mahdara, Negar Ali, Neil Lane, Nicky Hilton, Nico Mizrahi, Nicole Chavez, Noah Sheer and Rachel Zaslansky Sheer, Pam Kohl, Pam Protzel, Paul Nelson, Rachel Zalis, Rosetta Getty, Ruth Bernstien, Samantha Ressler, Scott Wexler, Sean Barron and Cynthia Mittweg, Shara Koplowitz, Shiro Gutzie and Shay Todd, Simone Harouche, Todd Diener, Tracey Cunningham, Will Kopleman, Xela Mandel, Zoe Winkler


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