Kim Kardashian on W’s November Cover

Kim Kardashian is the cover subject of the November issue of W magazine, their third annual Art Issue. The cover is described as an artwork by the always-brilliant conceptual artist Barbara Kruger who has added her signature stark verbal graphics onto a photograph by Mark Seliger. This is undoubtedly the only way W can get away with having Ms. Kardashian as the cover subject is by excusing it with the Art Issue. Kudos to W for attempting to attach cultural relevance to a cover subject which has very little to say that is at all relevant. Inside, a portfolio by Mark Seliger features Kim Kardashian dipped in silver paint and inspired by artist Jeff Koons‘ Silver Bunny and of artists Gilbert & George’s Singing Sculpture. This begs the issue of what is really art and who gets to decide. And perhaps that is the point. We know Ms. Kardashian increases newsstand sales within a certain demographic and with the Art Issue W‘s editors can shamelessly increase those much needed newsstand sales while grinning sheepishly behind the guise of “art”. Well done. Jeff Koons was once married to an Italian porn star so there seem to be lots of dots to connect here.

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