Kimberly Brooks Obsessed

I am completely obsessed with the woman and her work. Kimberly Brooks is amazing. I LOVE her paintings. As always its interesting to watch the progression of an artist’s work along with the subject matter. I love the melancholic connection to past and present in her work. I visited Kimberly’s studio earlier this week and was blown away by her energy and the layers in the paintings. I love when I can connect not just with the imagery itself immediately (she showed me a painting in an unfinished phase that almost brought tears to my eyes there was so much raw emotion there) but with the artist personally as well. Her LA gallery hosted a recent solo show and another one is to come of new works in a yet unnamed NY gallery (I’ll keep you posted as soon as Kimberly shares the news…)

“Elizabeth Stewart” Oil on Linen, 2009, Above

“Coppertone” “Coppertone” Oil on Wood, Below

“Second Poloroid Ever Taken” Oil on Linen, Above

“Janie Bryant” Costume Designer for Mad Men, 24 x 32 in. Oil on Linen, 2009, Below

“Ferry Ride” Oil on Linen, Below

“Yosemite Walk I” Oil on linen | 24 in. x 30 in, Above

If I could paint, I would probably paint like Kimberly. Her work reminds me of my own and feels familiar in a really good way. When I first saw the painting to the left, it made me think of a photo I took in Moscow almost ten years ago.

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