Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Aside from the fact that many of the other looks are completely unflattering I am totally obsessed with the whole vibe of this Louis Vuitton collection, especially those hats and white shoes! That’s probably the only thing I would adopt along with the thigh highs which I always love with heels. Maybe not for everyday wear or in the streets but there is nothing better for a sweet editorial or music video (and of course at home but that’s another story…) The black & white shots below are from an old Spoon shoot of mine from 2001 and the color ones are from a more recent 2008 shoot I did for WWD. The WWD shots below never ran though they were a part of a dresses story I did. I shot ten looks and they only needed five… Always a little heart breaking to lose images from a shoot. Either way, nothing hotter than some thigh highs with heels.

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