This is one of my favorite shoots I did in 2003 for Russian Elle. It was a simple idea and before the days of digital so all of it was shot on my vintage Rolleiflex and a newer 2 1/4 film camera. It was raining or drizzling almost the entire day but that ended up working out great because it created this beautiful reflection. I didn’t have any lights so everything was natural and I wanted to use the rooftop view as a make shift studio backdrop and was standing with my camera below the model, shooting through an open window on the top floor of the building. The dress above is Yves Saint Laurent and the one below is Valentino, both straight off the Paris runways which is where I had just seen the collections a few weeks prior to this shoot. I still love the gorgeous green color and the cut of it, the way the wind caught it perfectly for me. Even when it seems mother nature is working against you, in the end, everything always works out the way it should.

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