New Orleans Love

My first time ever in New Orleans was earlier this year. I went for a much too brief weekend trip and stayed at The Ritz. Yeah, not bad. It was everything you would expect and much more. The city is amazing and I fell in love with it immediately which is a rare thing for me and American cities. Admittedly only three exist in my world: New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore, for family loyalty sake. I added New Orleans to that list and vowed to return as soon and as often as possible. This morning there was a story on NPR about the recovery of the city post Katrina, post spill, post everything it’s endured in such a brief sad moment. The story made me want to not only revisit immediately but spread the word about this magical little city that is so full of energy, history, life, food and drinks! If you can stay at The Ritz all the better but if not there are so many amazing tiny gems throughout, it really doesn’t matter where you stay. Just go.

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