Perricone MD Forever

Years ago an old friend of mine, who at the time was a beauty editor for a well known glossy, would pass bags of beauty product samples onto me which I would devour. One of the best things she introduced me to and subsequently got me hooked on were Dr.Perricone’s products. I may be a beauty product junkie but these days I select carefully what I choose to slather and apply. The products above are two of the most recent additions to the Perricone MD line. I’ve just started using these newer creams but going by what I’ve loved about them in the past these will surely live up to their name. The Cold Plasma line was launched last year and the new Cold Plasma Eye creme seems insanely good as does the Intensive Pore Minimizer, which promises to tighten the appearance of pores and refine skin texture by removing wax and dirt buildup. Honestly, I just go by the name, its never failed me. Plus I have to admit I have always loved the design of the brand. The simple old school apothecary style label, the brown bottle. Its really beautiful.

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