Sapp Coffee Shop

There is a divey little Thai restaurant on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Kingsley, one block east of Harvard, that will transplant you to Thailand better than an exhausting flight. I introduced some friends to Sapp Coffee Shop recently and the consensus was the same: it’s AMAZING. The food is authentic Thai in every sense of the word and very inexpensive. No alcohol is sold but they allow you to bring your own which is even better. They don’t have a bottle opener much less a corkage fee so remember to bring yours. If you forget you can always pop next door to El Adobe Market and buy one for $2. The place opens at 7am and closes at 8:30pm every night which leaves plenty of time to enjoy Jumbo’s Clown Room next door. Don’t count on anyone answering the phone, speaking English or taking reservations, just go and enjoy. 5183 Hollywood Blvd, 323.665.1035. And they don’t have a website so don’t bother with that either…

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