Soapology NYC

I stumbled on the cutest bath and body shop on 8th avenue between 13th and 14th Street. Soapology has apparently been there for three years but its news to me. They have a great array of handmade soaps and scrubs made from everything you can imagine, walnuts, coffee, jasmine etc. I tried the Water Lilly and Jasmine shower gel on my hands and arms which you are supposed to use daily, followed by the Walnut Polisher which left my skin a bit oily but with the weekly recommended Coffee scrub my skin became like silk. It was amazing. I’m a little obsessed. I have a strict rule about not buying new beauty products until I am done with the ones I have so will have to buy the threesome in a few months but luckily they have mail order as well as another shop on Park Avenue and 22nd where Limelight used to be. Apparently Limelight’s long ago defunct club space is now a market. Again, who knew?

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