Sun Defense

One of the things I have had to adjust to in LA (in addition to navigating and not losing my car in a parking garage) is remembering to apply sunscreen daily, constantly and religiously. I even have sunscreen in the cup holder of my car which I apply to my arms and hands when driving. I recently tried the CellCeuticals PhotoDefense Anti-Photo Aging Daily Skin Protector and loved how light and not smelly it was. Also love that its SPF 55+ and though I’m not entirely sure what Anti-Photo aging means I do like all the extra effort. The sunscreen is marketed as an “ultra-light moisturizing formula with patent pending Photoplex™,” which provides anti-aging protection against daily UVA and UVB sun exposure. It is also fortified with vitamin D and powerful anti-oxidants to help strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. Basically, its a really nice sunblock and these days the more the merrier. It’s also not tested on animals and has no animal ingredients which is rare and we like it. $40.00 at

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