The Baldwin Brothers… And Lotus

I tried to find some artsy Lotus related photo to add to this post but who am I kidding? The Baldwin Brothers AND a Lotus? It’s like someone crawled into the deepest crevice of my soul and exposed my favorite fantasy. How is it possible that after all these years they are all still this hot? Anyway… The point is Lotus celebrated the US launch of several things last Friday night at a private residence in the hills of Bel Air. Cars (the Esprit, Elan, Elite, Elise and Eterne), clothing (a private label product line featuring three separate clothing collections: Lotus Heritage, Lotus Originals and Lotus Performance) and the new Lotus Magazine. The inaugural issue features Kate Moss on the cover and lifestyle-driven content including a Great British Icons feature and a retrospective of Lotus “Moments,” such as the role of the brand in James Bond 007 movies. It also boasts one of my old friends Markus Ebner as an Editor, which was a nice surprise. Yes, in between cocktails and listening to my favorite girl Taryn Manning spin, I read the masthead like any good media junkie would. The photo above was taken by another one of my favorite LA talents, Donato Sardella. Great night.

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  1. sherly says:

    aww i love them all

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