The Brewery Arts Colony

This weekend The Brewery Art Colony is hosting a free weekend of Open Artist Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. The Brewery Arts Colony is an Artist Studio/live-work complex converted from the industrial buildings of a former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery, and bottling plant. It is now home to over 300 artists and arts-related businesses. Saturday – Sunday, October 9-10, 11am-6pm, 2100 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, California 9003. Kelly Reemtsen’s paintings, Above

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3 Responses to The Brewery Arts Colony

  1. Anna says:

    WOOOW!!! THE COLORS ARE SOOO LIVELY!! I also love the paint strokes left as is on the canvas, shows the high energy of the artist! Thank You for posting these paintings done by Kelly Reemsten! I wouldn’t have discovered a new artist if i hadn’t come across your post/blog! 😀

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  3. Hellin Kay says:

    Thanks Anna! I love Kelly’s work 😉

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