The Coveted Emmys Gift Bag

The “Awards Season” gift bag is not only legendary but also expected. I can live without some of the stuff one digs through and finds (unless we’re talking super nice beauty products, techie gadgets and jewels of course) however I was excited to find that this year’s Entertainment Tonight stuffed tote bag from Cole Haan will be including some pretty rad cooking and food related books. I found it slightly ironic in the best way possible that along with The Magnolia Bakery cookbook there is Skinny Girl Dish, the French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook and the otherwise innocent Williams Sonoma Entertaining Dinner Parties book.

Tim Gunn’s new book Gunn’s Golden Rules is also included with lots of fashion dish to go with the wine and dinner conversation these books will hopefully inspire. Magnolia Bakery in LA is officially open by the way (8389 West 3rd Street at Orlando) so no need to hustle to the West Village on your first stop back in NYC if you’re that type (and clearly I am…) In addition to the usual gift bag sundries there will also be a bottle of tequila from Tequila Partida. Sweet.

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