The Fashion Flu

When I first started covering fashion shows in the late 90’s I realized there was a pattern to my cold and flu season that directly mirrored the fashion seasons. The Fashion Flu as I began to call it was nothing short of an unrelenting friend who called non stop in New York, came to visit without permission in Milan and stayed amidst resentment through the end of Paris. I know I am not the only one and quickly learned that all my homeopathic organic cold remedies were never going to beat the Fashion Flu because it would continue to get passed back and forth with all the kissing and hellos and long lost friends. All compounded by the fact that you run non stop for a month from shows to meetings, dinners, appointments, re-sees and back again with no time to sleep properly or sober up from one party to the next though to be fair that’s kind of a year round schedule anyway. After a couple of seasons I gave in and went all out on antibiotics, bringing them with me to every collection, every city, every time. Today I woke up with the throat tickle. At least there is comfort in the reliable consistency. I’m starting to feel the slightest semblance of relief that I don’t have to go on to Milan and Paris next week and can go recover on the beach in Malibu.

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