The Fun Begins…

I realized this morning over coffee in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton the reason why this feels more exciting to me than all of the Fashion Weeks I have attended over the last decade. Fashion Weeks the world over take place in cities preoccupied with their own lives whereas in LA the Awards, whichever one happens to be going on, are the focus of everyone’s attention. It’s very concentrated and really feels like a team effort, kind of like on Thanksgiving when you know most people are doing the same exact thing… It’s comforting and amazing. Yes, I am going to wax poetic on this all day because more and more I cannot find the cynicism in myself to pretend I don’t find this a little exciting and a lot of fun. Sometimes, at moments like this I remember that I came to the US as a little kid from Russia with my mom and $200 and with mom’s love and support I built a life here that is so phenomenal and beautiful I can only be grateful and happy for every single day.

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