Keeping a journal… Old School.

I’ve tried to do this before– start a blog, keep record etc– but I think I did so much old school “blogging” (i.e. keeping a journal for twenty + years in the form of those old composition books all of which take up an entire shelf the length of my bedroom in NY) that I just couldn’t muster anything for a long time. I got what I needed to say out in my photographs and films and words came on those rare occasions when nothing else sufficed. If this were twenty years ago, hell to the yes, I’d be blogging to my hearts content, displaying every vein of my heart on my no longer ragged sleeves. But for now, images and minimal words on the days they inspire me will do. I’ve been lucky enough to have a magazine or newspaper as my forum for a lot of years but at last I figured it was time to start one of these.

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