The Russians Are Back!

I got a surprise phone call from my old Moscow friend Alexei Bokov last night. Turns out he was in LA and had a few hours to catch up, hang out. We’ve known each other for over ten years from way back in my Russian Vogue days, when I was their Fashion Editor and he was just launching his now hugely successful Bokov Factory PR firm in Moscow. Alexei was the first in Russia to do PR on a different high-end level and was part of a group of people (which he reminded me includes myself) that helped bring the Russian fashion world to the attention of Milan, New York, London and Paris. Staying ahead is one of his specialties and he recently launched Russia‚Äôs first Internet magazine, Trend Space. The Editor in Chief, Yana Lebedeva who I met last night is a fantastic cool bright gal with a sense of style and humor who is equally ahead of the game. I have to admit, I have missed the Russians in my life. No one has more fun and more surprises up their sleeve…

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