The Socialite inside the Punk (an exploration of Celine’s 2011 Resort Collection)…

I’m not sure if its because I spent so many years ripping my fishnets to go with my “vintage” (aka “used” back in the day) clothing and beat up skull buckle boots from Bogey’s of London when I was in my teens but the older I get the more I am drawn to clean, quiet lines, subtle tones and what I suppose amounts to “ladies who lunch” looks. Yes, on occasion the rebellious monster who sleeps inside unfurls her insatiable need for black leather and studs for any occasion but for today, I will fantasize about the virtues of fine conservative beige (as extolled by Dolce Gabbana in the gorgeous bag below) and a classic red lip (which by the way, looks splendid on both ends of the social spectrum…) And Celine’s Resort 2011 collection, which satisfies both sides of my brain…

Dolce Gabbana

Nina Ricci Brooche

Dolce Gabbana Beauty

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