The Submarines’ New Album

The Submarines – Fire by nettwerkmusicgroup
One of my favorite west coast bands, The Submarines, have a new album coming out next week on April 5th from Nettwerk Records. “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” is their third album and even better than the last. I got obsessed with John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard’s love story, which is essentially the history of the band as well. By now it is legendary that they broke up after the release of their first album and found themselves writing songs about the other. They got back together and recorded their second album (see below, my favorite track “Me You And The Bourgeoisie”) was a hit. And then they got married. Done. That’s the way you do it. I was mid-awful break up when I found their second album a few years ago and aside from providing insanely good sunshiny driving music all over LA it also gave me hope that love and romanticism were not dead (and never will be). I don’t think it’s a small coincidence that Blake Hazard is the great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald (also one of my all time favorite writers). “Fire” from the new album above.
The Submarines – The Sun Shines at Night by nettwerkmusicgroup

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