Valentino Couture Spring 2011

I love pretty. Valentino Couture Spring 2011. Today is a day for reminiscing, that’s the effect pretty sometimes has… I’ll be the first to admit that going to Couture shows was even more amazing than RTW. I went only once for Couture while working as Fashion Director for Russian Elle in 2004. Small, quiet shows, all equally stunning. If I’m remembering right I was there for Fall Couture so it was Summertime in Paris and we had two, maybe three, shows per day. Most editors from the big magazines had shoots in between shows, trading dresses and scrambling to be the first to get the look they wanted for their couture shoots. But I couldn’t talk my editor into doing a couture shoot just yet so instead I was doing market appointments throughout Paris, pulling samples and accessories for our single trends pages. At the time, it was still hard to get samples in and out of Russia so I had decided it would make all of our lives easier to just do the shoot all at once, with all of the clothes, bags and shoes we would need for our front of book pages for the whole season which is what we did. Our pages looked great that season, I was really proud of my junior editors and assistants who spent days overseeing the still life shoot.

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