Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring Summer 2011

Almost twelve years ago while I was still an assistant to Polly Mellen I used to go to Rice for those vegetarian meatballs religiously on weekends when I wasn’t working. That was when I accidentally stumbled on Maria Cornejo’s Mott Street boutique which was next door at the time. I bought a gorgeous simple red cotton dress that reminded me of Fellini’s 8 1/2. I wore that dress for years and have been obsessed with Ms. Cornejo’s line Zero for just as long. Today at the Hosfelt Gallery she showed her ever evolving array of beautifully constructed dresses with the most perfect pleats, draping and tailoring. I was mesmerized watching the show which I always am. The beige dresses at the end were stunning as were the subtle prints throughout. Lots of silks, overlapping layers and pitch perfect neutral tones. Ms. Cornejo’s first West Coast boutique just opened up a few weeks ago at 8408 Melrose Place in West Hollywood.

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