Crushed at The Hollywood Fringe Festival

Kiersten Lyons is funny and sweet. I like her. All of which is a win for us (and her husband Bradley) but a total loss for the boys she crushed on and got crushed by over the years. “Crushed” is her painfully funny one woman recollection of the timeless question which haunts many a lady in her youth, “Why is it the guys you like, never seem to like you back?” In between visual props via an overhead projector from math class Kiersten traces her journey from in love with every boy who looks her way to in love with herself and finally, her first (and presumably only) husband Bradley. The show opens at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this Friday June 15th. The full schedule and details are below. Go have a good laugh for an hour and remember all the Scotts, Mitchells, Brandons, and Andrews who haunted your hallways and three ring binders. Tickets online, $12 at door, $10 online with code: JTT. At The Underground Theater, 1314 North Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90028

June 15th 7:00 pm
June 16th 11:30 pm
June 21st 7:00 pm
June 22nd 7:00 pm
June 23rd 11:30 pm

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