Cycle For Survival 2013

Yesterday morning I took part in Cycle For Survival, the six year old campaign which raises money for rare cancer research. One of my best friends, Marcy Medina who I worked with at WWD organised a group of rad ladies most of whom were or still are editors at WWD, to be on the WWD LA team. Until Marcy asked me to participate I hadn’t quite realised how much and how often cancer has touched my life and my family. It seems silly to say it but it’s true. My dad died of cancer twelve years ago, my mom survived lung cancer five years ago and late last year one of my close friends was diagnosed with serious breast cancer which resulted in a fast and furious double mastectomy. I didn’t know how emotional it would be this morning to think about all of them and listen to other people’s stories. It was heartbreaking and inspirational. Also, I think I just found my new work out routine. Spinning is not the nightmare I’ve always envisioned it to be. Seriously. My dad with my grandma in Moscow a few years before he passed away above. The beautiful ladies of WWD below. You all look amazing so no bitching about the photo! Thank you to everyone who donated to our campaign and if you haven’t yet, you can still donate online through April.

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