From Waxing to Happy Hour, LA’s Finest Cheap Secrets (*And Some Not so Secret But Still Worth Mentioning…)


As much as I love spending money I am just as happy to save it (for something else of course…) so thank goodness every city has it’s bargain gems. These are some of my go to favorites and some newbies I’ve recently adopted. For $35 Red Carpet worthy blow outs I’ve started going to Kelly at Vered Salon, which opened in their new location a few weeks ago at 8539 W Sunset. Need a reliable affordable place to get your precious valuables waxed with an expert hand? More than one editor I know in LA uses Natasha and Yevgenia at what I call “the Russian wax place” at 321 S. Beverly (310-556-9748) where a full leg, brazilian etc will run you half of what you would pay at any of the big spas and is equally good (and fast!) I’ve been going there for five years when I am in LA. Regardless of what anyone tells you, there are more than enough amazing places to eat in LA that won’t burn up an entire paycheck. We know one of the things LA is known for is sushi but who wants to drop $100 every time they are craving a blue crab hand roll or crispy rice spicy tuna. Sushi Time at 8103 Beverly Blvd on the corner of Crescent Heights has been around forever with sushi as good as Katsuya at a third of the price (I swear). And every East Sider knows that one of the benefits of living East of La Brea (aside from the hot musician guys), is Cafe Figaro‘s happy hour on Vermont, which happens every day from 5pm to 7pm, with $3 beers, $5 wine, crab cakes and a myriad of other tasty treats. We know there are girls in LA who will only date you for your car and your money, but some of us actually don’t care about that stuff and would be just as happy to go wherever you can afford (aside from some place with a drive thru… sorry, we have to draw the line somewhere.) For an amazing affordable dinner date Monday Night Supper at Little Doms in Los Feliz is the best place to go and will totally impress your new lady friend as it shows off your smarts and good taste in food. Their weekly three course meal for $15 with $12 bottles of house wines can’t be beat anywhere in town. Well, except at their sister restaurant Dominicks on Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood where they host a Sunday Night supper with the same effect. If you want to do dinner AND a movie (even more impressive) pop next door on Vermont to the Los Feliz Vintage theatre on Vermont Ave, which boasts new releases for $6.50 every day before 6pm. Yes, a proper matinee DOES exist in LA. When you’re done with all the eating and drinking and want to give your body a healthy rest, the Pressed Juicery at 860 S Los Angeles Street has their own Happy Hour where juices are 20% off every day from 3pm to 5pm. Think of all the shopping you can do with all the money you’ve saved…

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