Goldfaden MD Beauty

My big thing is finding great products because I want to avoid putting anything even resembling a needle anywhere near my face, which is going to get more challenging in the next decade considering this year was the big 40 (though I still feel like I’m 28 most days while enjoying getting older overall). Anytime a new product comes on the market I jump at the chance to test drive it. For the past few weeks I’ve been using the Goldfaden MD line and am obsessed with their cleanser and scrub. I am always cautious with new products but my skin tells me pretty quickly whether something is a good fit and this is a great one. The line was started by Miami based dermatologist Gary Goldfaden after his customers of forty years (and kids) requested the products he was using in his office for themselves to use at home. I love how simple the products are and they seem to do what they promise to do without irritating my skin, probably because they use a lot of plants and antioxidant botanicals to get the job done. They cover all of the basic problems with simple solutions. Unbalanced complexion? Use the Pure Start cleanser with wheat protein, seaweed extract and lycopene. Sun damaged skin from all those weekends in Malibu (or walking out of the house for the last twenty years…)? Try the Radical Difference serum with red tea and cherry extract. Suddenly bored by your dull complexion? Try the Doctor’s Scrub (my favorite!) made from Ruby Crystals and seaweed extract, which will put the bounce back in your pores. I love the Bright Eyes eye cream and the Needle-Less cream for deep lines, both leave my skin feeling tighter and fresher. They also don’t test the line on animals, something I will never understand about products that do. We all know chemicals in your eyes hurts, why torture bunnies and monkeys with it?

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