L. Raphael, Ultimate Anti Wrinkle

L Raphael Night Cream

I started using the cleanser and night cream from L.Raphael‘s Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle line a few weeks ago and I swear this is the best cream I have ever tried. That is saying a lot because if you know me, you know I love my creams and over the years have tried everything except for Botox and needles. No, really, everything. Between all the products I get asked to try and the products I try on my own and being on the receiving end of countless gift bags, editor’s gifts and birthday presents I have tried it all. I can tell you what will make me break out, what will make my skin tighter without needles, my eyes brighter and my cheeks lighter. The night cream is insane. It’s like silk when it goes on, smells like heaven and makes my face feel like butter without the next day breakouts (my skin is prone to breakouts with just the slightest touch of the wrong anything here and there. It’s more sensitive than dating an age inappropriate guy.) L.Raphael is Switzerland based and has been around for years in the best European spas and salons and now, finally, at the Four Seasons in NYC.

L Raphael Ultimate Antie Wrinkle

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