Making Sense of CBD Products

For the past year I have been trying a lot of CBD products to find what works best for me. There has been an influx of CBD the last few years, especially in the beauty section. What I have found after trying a myriad of brands, in a variety of formations, is there are only a few that work magic and do what they say they will. My favorite way to ingest CBD is oil and gummies, and my go to brands are Lab To Beauty and Lord Jones, the original Aston Martin of CBD (not kidding, they are the best). Although I preferred the Lord Jones Gumdrops , which are better in flavor and texture they only come 9 pieces to a box for $55, which for me was on the expensive side and didn’t last long (about one week) but if you can afford to stock up I highly recommend it! The Lab To Beauty products are really great as well and come 60 gummies in a jar for $75. The Lab To Beauty CBD Drops were one of my favorites although I found Lord Jones by far the best oil to take orally; not only was it effective in alleviating anxiety very quickly (and quietly, the best thing about great CBD is that it in NO way affects your mind or your reaction time, or any overt feeling other than an overall EASE…) Lord Jones’ CBD oil ($100, 1oz, 1000 mg of CBD) not only eased anxiety but also helped with the occasional insomnia (when making a film, sleep and  a calm mind are a rare luxury, especially when funding said film with a low budget mostly concocted though credit cards and the kindness of friends and family). In addition to anxiety, like a lot of folks, I’ve also suffered from major back issues since I was a kid. Slipped and Herniated disks and the usual nightmare that ensues has been a regular part of my life for as long as I can remember, so anything that helps muscle and back aches is my friend, which I found in an effective pain relief cream from Elixicure Lavender Hemp Extract. The effect from this cream was immediate and lasting; I applied it on the exact spot where my lower back was achy and it felt great almost immediately.  While I have tried other creams aimed at alleviating body pain (full disclosure: I did not try any of the Lord Jones body creams so they are not factored into this, though I have no doubt they are stellar going by the other products I did try) the Elixicure  along with the Safi Intense Relief Cream (400 mg of pure CBD) were my favorite. As far as beauty products, I really liked the Mantra Hemp CBD anti-aging masks, which felt great, and their coconut eye gels are really effective. My fantasy is that Taylor Foster who does the most incredible natural Non-CBD beauty products (her Calm & Clear Face Oil is still my number one go to beauty product) will collaborate with one of these brands to create the ideal CBD infused beauty products. Just saying… 

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