Prive’s Concept Vert

Between swag and all the stuff I get in the mail, I have a ton of beauty products to choose from at all times on my shelf. So sometimes it takes me a minute to get around to using something because I really like to try stuff before I write or rave about it. Which is why it’s taken six months for me to try Prive‘s Vert shampoo & conditioner. And I wouldn’t normally even be raving about either because, well, it’s just shampoo & conditioner. That said, this stuff is amazing. Smells like heaven (or a garden in June), feels like silk and leaves my hair, yes, shiny and smooth. Plus one of it’s specialties is that it doesn’t strip away color treated hair. And on top of all that the aluminum containers are reusable, refillable and recyclable which makes me forgive them for the fact that the design of said container could be slightly sexier to match what’s inside.

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