400 oz Skull Tablet Stand


A good friend of mine from Detroit came to visit this past week and brought me this awesome 400 OZ skull tablet stand as a house warming gift. The stand, which can hold an iPad, an iPhone or other tablets was designed by Doug Schwartz, the owner of Complex, a cool little specialized boutique in Michigan. The skulls are a gorgeous coffee stand decoration piece as well and were featured at Art Basel this past December. Sweet little Valentine’s gift too.

Me and one of my oldest best friends, Elie Maalouf, who I love like a brother. Elie and I met when I was 25 and working for Polly Mellen, he was (and still is) an amazing make up artist and we worked on so many shoots together once I started styling on my own. This is us the other night on our way to an after party in the meat packing district for Timo Weiland, who had his fashion show on Tuesday morning.

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