Adidas Fanatic 2014


This was the 13th year of the Adidas Fanatic soccer tournament, which is equally amazing and terrifying because I was at the first one, so clearly some time has gone by. The uber stylish daytime gathering brings out some of fashion’s cool kids to eat BBQ, drink beer and of course play against one another for the big trophy. It was a nice touch to be able to watch the Brazil Netherlands game on a huge TV Adidas had installed by the water too. Gorgeous day, old friends, beautiful people and a ton of fun. More pics I took for Adidas below. Everyone from Opening Ceremony, Barney’s, V Magazine, Complex, The Last Magazine, Acne Studios, Oh Wow Gallery and even Steven Klein‘s photo assistants played as a team. I was a little obsessed with the Blk Dnm team uniforms (above). It was my favorite design on the field and nailed the vibe of the day perfectly.


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