All We Know by Lisa Cohen

There is a great article on WWD today about Lisa Cohen’s new book “All We Know,” which explores the lives of Esther Cohen, Mercedes De Acosta and Madge Garland, who for me is the most fascinating of the group. Madge Garland was 24 when she went to work for British Vogue and was a fashion editor for the magazine in the Twenties and 30’s. That is her above on the left with her then editor in chief (and lover!) Dorothy Todd.

Garland is second from the right…

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  1. TygerStyle says:

    A more thorough and erudite review of the said book:

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for the photos and the link to WWD. I came here, via Google, after reading Terry Castle’s very long and fascinating review in the London Review of Books, which I found on I want to know more about these three women, so I’m definitely buying this book and several of the others mentioned in Castle’s review, especially the one about the “rackety” trip through Mexico.

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