A Day At The Races!

Saturday is going to be full of fun starting with some soccer mom action with my best friend and her girls followed by a friend’s baby shower followed by the Santa Anita horse races later that afternoon! All of which calls for a cute summer day look (yes, it is unfortunately still summer going by the temperature, which refuses to budge lower than 80, seriously LA, I did not move here to walk or suffer through a heat wave, all of that I can do back in NY). Anyway, I digress… I like to overdress for any occasion and heels are in order for atleast two of the above events so I am voting for these sweet Elie Saab sandals with a Reiss soft pleated dress and this super cute non traditional, non-floppy-could-be-for-guys-or-girls hat from Hermes and Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

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