Calvin Rucker

Calvin Rucker may sound like a cool guy but it’s actually an even cooler gal who plays hooky on a Tuesday afternoon to drive out to Malibu just because the sun is shining, with the top down, wind blowing, listening to Coldplay and IconaPop and gets back to the office in time to throw her heels and blazer back on to finish her deadline. The ladies who created that girl are Joie Rucker and Caroline Calvin, who have their own amazing long history in the fashion biz. Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of their past ventures, Joie and Levi’s respectively and had the pleasure of meeting them both last night for an evening of food and fun conversation. Their new collaboration (the first in their history of a twenty year friendship) Calvin Rucker, is right up my alley. The perfect blend of feminine chic with modern edgy sensibility, I love the flowey fabrics combined with blazers and denim, exactly how I like to dress. The ladies are in their second season with 45 select retail doors including TNT.

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